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Hydraulic Cylinder

Tips For Regular Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance

Here are a few tips to help you maintain your cylinders:

Keep the Hydraulic Oil Clean

One of the most common causes of failure in a cylinder is usually due to oil contamination. This is why you need to ensure that the oil stays clean to prevent damage to any of your mechanical components. You’ll need to thoroughly clean your hydraulic oil immediately if you notice that it is contaminated. In addition, you’ll need to ensure that you use high-efficiency filters.

If you do this, you’ll also need to ensure that debris doesn’t accumulate on the surface of the filter. You can consider installing a gauge so that you know when you’ll need to change the oil.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Another thing that is vital for optimal performance is that you regularly maintain the hydraulic filters. You’ll need to ensure that you regularly monitor the cylinder rod so that you can easily identify any signs of corrosion, wear, or pitting with the help of best service providers that you can find by searching hydraulic cylinder repair near me. One of the most common things that lead to corrosion is excessive moisture, regardless of where the moisture is coming from. Water contamination within the fluid can also lead to system or component failure. If this contamination occurs, you’ll need to get it cleaned immediately.

Rotate or Alternate Cylinders

Like every other hydraulic component, it’s best to always have an extra cylinder, either as an alternate option or as a spare. With this, you can easily break between uses to further keep your cylinders in good shape. This will also reduce the risks of contamination, especially during harsh conditions. In addition to keeping alternate or spare cylinders, it’s also wise that you maintain them regularly or whenever you remove them. This will keep them functioning optimally and ensure that you don’t have to deal with different issues consistently.

Maintain Your Cylinder Accessories

One of the key things that you should always have in mind is that every single component of the cylinder should be treated equally. No matter how little you might think the component is, it can lead to severe issues if poorly maintained. Whether it’s the clevis or the pivot pin that gets damaged, these damages can cause play or slop in the joints of the cylinder. When this happens, it can cause misalignment, wear, or permanent damage to different components in the system. The need to maintain your cylinder regularly cannot be overemphasized, and these tips will help you achieve this seamlessly.

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