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Lightweight Roof Tiles

Why You Should Consider Lightweight Roof Tiles

Lightweight roof tiles are a popular choice for both homeowners and builders. They offer several benefits such as ease of installation, low maintenance and a long life span.

Using lightweight roof tiles is also easier for builders to transport around the construction site, as they are much lighter than traditional concrete or clay tiles. This can help reduce the risks of injuries on sites and lead to quicker project completion times.

Easy Installation

One of the biggest appeals of lightweight tiles is that they are a lot easier to work with during installation than traditional roof tiles. This can save both homeowners and builders money, as it removes the need for specialised labour or equipment.

Lightweight tiles are also a lot easier to move around construction sites, meaning that work can be completed more quickly. This is also a safety benefit, as it can help to reduce the risks associated with transporting and moving heavy materials on site.

Lightweight tile roofs are also ideal for buildings or homes that wouldn’t be structurally able to support standard weight concrete tiles. This includes low-pitched homes, barn conversions and sheds.

Long Lifespan

A good quality tile should last for years, reducing the need for replacement tiles. This helps to save money for the homeowner and reduces waste, which is good for the environment.

As the name suggests, lightweight roof tiles are lighter in weight than standard concrete tile options. This allows them to be installed faster, with less effort and without compromising on the integrity of the roof.

Lightweight tiles are also safer to work with on a roof, making them a popular choice for builders and DIYers alike. They are easier to carry around the site, which will help to speed up the installation process and reduce the risk of injury.

ONDUVILLA roofing tiles are available in both clay and terra cotta versions, and come in a range of colours. These tiles are ideal for flat and pitched roofs, with a long lifespan that makes them an affordable and durable option. They can be used with both breathable and vapour permeable underlays.

Environmentally Friendly

With sustainability being a high priority for many homeowners and builders, it’s no surprise that lightweight roof tiles are gaining popularity. They’re significantly easier to move around the construction site, meaning less time is spent on transporting materials, lowering fuel emissions in the process.

Lightweight tiles are also more durable, meaning they can be used for longer than other roofing materials such as clay or terra cotta tiles. They can withstand the elements, with some being tested to ensure they’re capable of resisting severe weather like wind, rain and hail.

In addition, lightweight roof tiles are often made from recycled materials and therefore contribute less to climate change when compared with other traditional tile types. These factors combine to make them an environmentally friendly option for both homes and commercial properties.

Low Maintenance

While tile roofs do require maintenance to keep them in good condition, they require significantly less maintenance than other roofing materials. This is because they are resistant to most weather conditions and have a long life span.

They are also more durable than clay tiles and therefore are less likely to crack. Lightweight tiles are a great choice for DIY projects and are especially useful for people who want to save money on the cost of a professional roofer.

Metrotile is Europe’s leading steel roof tile brand which offers a wide range of benefits to homeowners, builders and tradesmen alike. Its lightweight tiles tip the scales at under 20kg making them easy to carry and install. The tiles slot together and are laid in a similar way to traditional tiles. They can be used with felt, batten or fully boarded roofs and have excellent sound absorption and strong thermal performance. They are also a popular option for replacement slate roofs and provide great protection against the elements.

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